Saturday Dispatch: Jell-O Wrestling at SOMA's End Up Bar

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Click the photo for a full Jell-O Wrestling slideshow by Gretchen Robinette.

How sweet life would be if everyone could wrestle in a giant kiddie pool filled with slippery Jell-O on occasion and not be held accountable for it when their day job rolls around. Especially on a sunny Saturday at SOMA's End Up Bar, where $15 got you in to watch the ladies of the SF Fog Rugby Team in round three of their ongoing Jell-O Wrestling Competition -- with all the free beer you could drink, cheap Jell-O shots you could handle, and funds from the event going directly into the team's coffers.

If you were at The End Up between 4pm and 7pm, hopefully you knew to dress for a cafeteria food fight; the sticky red slop flew well over ten feet in all directions as the wrestlers slammed and slipped all over the pool. Unfortunately many of the competitors asked not to be photographed during their moment of Jell-O glory. . .back to that day
job thing again.

The ladies were nice enough to let me shoot a few moments of the Jell-O battle, followed by an announcement that anyone attempting to grab shots with even a cellphone camera would get "punched in the face." Don't doubt a lady rugby team, whether the setting is a Jell-O pool or football field.

Jell-O wrestling may be one of the only human battles where both competitors can't help but laugh at themselves falling face first in a pool of slime. I asked one of the wrestlers how she felt, climbing out of the pool post battle. "I feel great!" she said.

For more about the SF Fog Rugby Football Club visit: --Gretchen Robinette

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