Night + Day: Calendar Picks for 5/8



Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation, 7pm, $10
Victoria Theatre - 2961 16th St. at Capp

People who take drugs are funny! Like that kid in Santa Cruz who police described as "gorked" on acid recently. Because get it? The cop knew drug lingo! Then there's the recent movie, Super High Me, in which a comedian gets all stoned. At Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation, you'll find a huge lineup of the fest's signature gross-out animated short films, including one about drugs, Home Honey, I'm High. This craaazy 1950s-style comedy looks hand-drawn, sketchily, and the premise is "Ozzie and Harriet get high, often, as do their children." The housewife keeps large jars marked "Hash," etc., on her kitchen counter, and the family enjoys watching the Donna Weed Show on T.V. They're gorked! But other things are funny at Spike and Mike's too, like death, especially being buried alive in fest favorite Happy Tree Friends' Can't Stop Coffin. Don't forget, these are the guys we have to thank for the existence of the Simpsons, and by extension, the ones to blame for American Dad. --Hiya Swanhuyser


Bonus Map Opening Reception, 8pm
CELLspace - 2050 Bryant at 18th St.

In creating the exhibit "Bonus Map," a sprawling maplike installation composed of hundreds of cloth swatches, Veronica Graham took her cues from classic video games as well Age of Exploration cartography, sharing both the graphical tones and the air of fantasy. Her map also took forever to make, a laborious process she accomplished in an apartment. She silk screened in the kitchen, cut squares next to the stove, used a high-pressure hose for something or other in the shower, and ended up with 2,000 cloth "tiles" stacked in the living room. Then she hung them carefully, precisely, all over the walls of the gallery, creating a patterned "landscape mosaic" that also references Japanese woodblock prints, another popular theme in her work. The tiles, which feature sharply graphical images of nature -- raindrops, mountains, trees -- are to be sold off at $1 per piece, giving people the chance to own a little bit of her imaginary land. --Michael Leaverton


Zoom In Zoom Out, Opening reception at 5:30pm
The Variety Preview Room - 582 Market St.

We like to ride the bus. The daily Muni, partytime on Chicken John's old Green Tortoise, a long haul aboard Greyhound; they cheer us up. Besides, to us, bus rides evoke Beat-era writers, Merry Pranksters, touring musicians, and other great American creative types. (Yes, we know. You don't like the bus. You need your car. Whatever.) The Imagine Bus Project builds on artistic bus history by bringing teachers to kids for after-school arts education. Turns out there are no art classes in public schools anymore, so the Imagine Bus is helping out. At the project's new art show, "Zoom In/Zoom Out," see what happened onboard the group's mobile art studio when school kids from around the Bay Area hopped on. The star of the exhibit is a poster, designed by kids, that you'll find on Muni bus shelters all over the city this month. --Hiya Swanhuyser

Dozens more things to do today here.

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