More 'Watchmen' details released


By Matthew Shaer

News keeps gushing out of Warner Bros. on the "Watchmen" project, which Alan Moore, the author of the original book, has disavowed. Current cast listing puts Billy Crudup up front as the bright blue Dr. Manhattan, and "Little Children" alums Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley in the roles of Night Owl and Rorschach. Good cast; good book – what the hell could possibly go wrong?

Rorschach screen shot courtesy of Warner Bros.

Well, Moore told Wizard, "I won’t be watching it, obviously. I can at least remain neutral to it as long as they’re taking my name off of it and not playing these silly, ultimately futile games like they were doing last time, which worked out so well for them." The reference is to "V for Vendetta," which WAS botched. But Alan, my man, have you seen these screen shots and video clips?

Here's a great photo composite from the folks over at New York Mag:


Even better, here's director Zack Snyder on a new behind-the-scenes clip, uploaded today: "To put it simply, there is an enormous amount of characters that populate the many time periods and environments of the Watchmen world. Although we encountered many challenges while making Watchmen, one of the most interesting and rewarding was creating the wardrobe for all of those people. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson. Once again, I'm amazed by his talent and dedication."

Bonus: An older clip of Alan Moore talking "Watchmen"

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