Sunday Dispatch: Bay to Breakers

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(Photo by Calibree Photography. Click the image for the full Bay to Breakers slideshow)

I woke up way before anyone should hear an alarm on a Sunday to wait at my Muni stop for the bus to the Embarcadero with a group of dashing young "Bavarian" men holding Bud Light cases and an afro wig, a statuesque silver lady with a computer keyboard, and a bunch of sweatbanded jogging-while-drinking types.

Despite the cold weather (lots of fog up at the park), once the race started the nudists had no problem letting their twigs and berries flap in the wind, while skimpy costumes covered the more modest runners. Best float by far was the Daft Punk pyramid (pictured), with a drunken version of the robotic French DJ duo dancing at the top as a fog machine spouted white clouds into their helmeted heads.

Hours after the finish lines were closed, the party of course moved into the Haight, where people stumbled around blacked out like this was pledge week on frat row. By evening the "athletes" were working on more complicated details than running eight miles: tasks like standing up without puking seemed to take over as great feats of accomplishment some folks who’d perhaps celebrated at one keg stand too many.

Thank god for Monday AM street cleaning. --Jennifer Maerz

P.S. Check out our news blog, The Snitch, for some B2B video.

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