Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Three Kinds of Stupid

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Q&A with DJ BAS and Chris Baty of Three Kinds of Stupid

It's Friday, which means it's time for another Q&A session with a hardworking DJ crew from San Francisco. Up this round: Three Kinds of Stupid, who are a lot smarter than that name would suggest, even if "The Humpty Dance" is their safety song.

Name: DJ BAS, Chris Baty, Brother Grimm (who wasn't part of this interview, but, full disclosure style, we'll note is a regular SF Weekly contributor)

Club night: Three Kinds of Stupid

Style of music you spin: Old rap, cool pop, '60s French, '70s soul, electronic beeping, and anything that makes people dance

Name of a track you can't get out of your head: Wallpaper's "T. Rex."

City producing the hottest tracks right now: Gothenburg, Sweden

Dream DJ partner: Francoise Cactus from Stereo Total

Favorite DJ experience: "Feeling the floorboards nearly buckle under the weight of the dancers at a warehouse party in the Mission."

Worst request: "Let me DJ!" (from drunken crazy club patron at our last party who, seconds later, reached over and shut off the music entirely)

Most cliché'd DJ track right now: The Count & Sinden's

The type of drink you prefer clubbers buy you when you spin: Bombay gimlets on the rocks.

Musical mantra: "If all else fails, play the Humpty Dance."

Question we didn't ask you but you often ask yourself: "How am I going to get from Dolly Parton to M.I.A.?"

Next time we can see you spin: Saturday, May 31 at the Three Kinds of Stupid Dance Party (with live set from Balkan brass band Brass Menazeri), Rickshaw Stop.

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