'Drawing criticism' at the NY Post, and other Astonishing Tales


By Matthew Shaer

A couple of comics-related items came bubbling up to the mass media surface this week – chief among them a charge of "lifting" leveled at the New Yorker. In a report published in the New York Post, Dareh Gregorian notes that a cartoon by Harry Bliss was "strikingly similar to the cover of a Marvel comic book from 1962." Here's the original, by Jack Kirby:

Both images come via NYPost.com

And here's Bliss's work:


As the Post basically concludes – and the New Yorker editors admit – the Bliss portrait isn't just strikingly similar. It's an homage. Maybe the artist could have made that clear, but most geeks worth their stripes know the Jack Kirby original; at worst, Harry Bliss is guilty of being too totally immersed in his craft, and its history.

In other news, Perry Moore announced that an adaptation of his "Hero" is destined for the small screen and not the silver screen, as previously reported. Of Stan Lee, who has apparently been helping push the project along the rails, Moore tells New York magazine:

"Just to have a straight older man who’s the comic-book legend of all time … just to have him think that the next big movie is my humble little creation about the world’s first gay superhero — it was just wonderful. Wonderful! It was such a thrill. I’m talking way too much."

Yeah. Anyway, everyone's excited, but where does the ultra-gay superhero Midnighter fit into all of this? After all, Warren Ellis's masked marauder is married to a tights-wearing dude called Apollo, and has adopted a kid. Take that, Moore!

Lastly, check out this list of up-coming Marvel superhero flicks, compiled by Defamer. We've got movies with Captain America, and then the Avengers, and then a sequel to "Iron Man" (and probably a few more after that), and then Thor and then... Ant-Man? We'll take 'em where we can get 'em, I guess.

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