Carnival Mécanique, Masturbate-a-thon, American Rock Hop Festival and Carnaval: Your Monday Morning Hangover


It's Memorial Day and we shouldn't be working, so we'll make the weekend wrap-up short and sweet:

On Friday, we saw rusty junk as art at Carnival Mécanique. Click here for Eddie Paik's notes and photos.

On Saturday we edited video for our upcoming Best Of issue - check back late Tuesday for footage of our Best BART Musician, Best Flamenco show, Best Fisherman's Wharf Artist and more. We also spent the day looking at SF's saddest 2 bedroom apartments on our endless quest for a new place to live. Note to fellow home hunters: 1611 47th Ave. at Lawton has maaajor foundation issues. As in, if you dropped a marble on one side of the kitchen floor, it'd reach the end of the room in 3 seconds flat. Neeext!

On Sunday, our Ashley Harrell braved the Masturbate-a-thon (you must read this), Eddie P. checked out the Capsule Design Festival in Hayes Valley and our husband-wife photo team of Mike and Jenny Cash shot Carnaval and the American Rock Hop Festival (photos to follow). And everything was fab. Oh, and we caught yet another Scientology protest...this time downtown outside Old Navy, right in front of the folks offering those free "stress tests" and selling L. Ron Hubbard's book. The masked men offered us free hugs, and distressed by the fruitless apartment search, we took 'em up on that.

That's all from us at ASD today. Now get offline, break out the steaks and enjoy the last of your three-day weekend. We'll attempt to do the same. --Janine Kahn

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