The Traditional Fools: Trashcancisco's favorite sons

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(The Traditional Fools' "Street Surfin'")

The Traditional Fools are the kind of band that makes you wish you had a basement -- just so you could throw a party for them to play. Every time I’ve seen this local garage trio they’ve been on point, getting the crowd psyched for a set that’s as quick with the stylistic changes as it is with the tempos. Last night the group played at the Eagle -- one of my favorite places to see shows, although it’s always a bummer for the ladies that our only bathroom is on the stage -- and the Fools were super fun once again. These guys have something for everyone -- my friend digs their surfy tunes and (what she thinks was) a Thee Headcoatees cover they ended the set with. I love their snottier garage punk struts. But in the end it’s the fact that they change it all up no matter where your preferences lie that makes this band king (and the fact that they shift around on the instruments, trading off drumming and guitaring duties). These guys are the Bay Area's Black Lips, minus all the punk pranks. Trashcanisco’s favorite delinquents are truly one of the best punk acts we’ve got going these days. -- Jennifer Maerz

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