The Lowbrow Art Sale: H.R. Giger, Jonathan Weiner & Natalie Shau

H.R. Giger "Biomechanoid"
What can you say about an artist like Giger? He has influenced so many. His imagery is seen in movies like Alien, and is the first anyone thinks of when the word "biomechanical" comes into conversation. . .if that is normal conversation for some people. Giger has been doing this kind of creepy, dark art for years. This specific work was from 1976. This print is from the Last Rites Gallery, and is singed and numbered in an edition of 495.

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Jonathan Weiner "Trance"
Jonathan Weiner (pronounced "Viner") has been shown on the Lowbrow Art Sale quite a few times. His work is moody, and very powerful so being able to get prints of his work is a killer opportunity. I love the overall colors of this one, and the feeling that is had. This print is from the "Viner" shop and is limited to 50. It's also almost sold out.

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Natalie Shau "Creeper"
An artist out of Lithuania, Natalie has a very catchy dark style to her work. She mainly works in the digital realm, using photo-manipulation, digital painting and other digital methods to create her works. She has had shows at such galleries as the very smooth Strychnin Gallery. She has just released this set of prints, and all of the money from the prints will go to the Creeper Fest. The print is signed and numbered, on thick paper. The watermark will, of course, not be on the print.

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Arabella Proffer "Alexia de Luc"
An artist out of Cleveland, Arabella Proffer's work is inspired by Renaissance fashions, and punk rock. You can see this influence in many of her oil paintings. She had two paintings featured in the "Attack of the B Movie Show" and she constantly puts out killer work. She currently has a sale going on right now, so you are able to grab one of her open-edition prints for only $15.

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Christina Beller "Dark Woods Portrait"
If you are a big fan of the work of Natalie Shau, Edward Gorey or Tim Burton, than chances are the work of Christina Beller will catch on with you very quick. She has that same great "dark" quality to all of her work, with a good amount of color splashed in with it. Her figures are often distorted, almost similar to what you would see with Lori Earley's work, but Christina works in the digital field mostly. This is open-edition and is very affordable, no reason to pass these ones up.

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(LOWBROW runs every Tuesday on All Shook Down. Till then, peep at the LOWBROW archive.)

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