The Lowbrow Art Sale: Cam De Leon, Basil Gogos & Ken Keirns

Cam De Leon "Happy Pencil Goes to Hell"
If you have seen the cover of any of Tool's earlier albums, you will be familiar with the work of Cam De Leon. He was born in Modesto, CA, and I'm sure he's happy he's out. He has also done work on The Ghostbusters and a host of other movies. He has a really killer style, and his work is what I associate the most with Tool. They have had some great art on their albums, but I think Cam's fit the best. It looks like you can get a free mini-print whenever you order a limited one. This one is limited to 100, signed and numbered. Get It Here

Basil Gogos "London After Midnight"
This week's article is pretty much filled with artists that really know how to paint. So there was no way I could leave out Basil Gogos. This guy is a mastermind. You don't have to love horror movies to appreciate the skill in these works. His color schemes are my favorite part. Many artists add a variety of colors to the face, but Basil really lays it on. It gives his work this surreal, unique look and his works always look like they are glowing. This print is signed and numbered in an edition of 1000. Get It Here

Ken Keirns "Harbinger"
An artist out of Redwood City, Ken Keirns is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He can paint in oil, and rock the acrylic just as easy. The thing I love the most about his work is the variety of facial expressions you will see when you look at his gallery. It's not just one face over and over. He currently has a show at Rotofugi, which this print is from. The print is 8.5 x 11" and is limited to 50.
Get It Here

Mark Brown "Transplant"
I was first exposed to the work of Mark Brown almost a year ago while browsing Etsy. He has an amazing style that is both colorful and playfully dark at the same time. He recently had his first gallery show this past week at Gallery 1988. From what I read he now has a waiting list for his original work, and I'm not surprised. I also have a good feeling that his prints won't be this cheap for long. So head on over and pick one out, at $20 you might as well grab a few. Get It Here

Heiko Müller "War of the Worlds"
An artist out of Germany, Heiko Müller has recently returned to painting after working in the digital illustration field. His work has been popping up in all sorts of galleries, and now Blueflip art has a good selection of his prints. Blueflip says that his work is "currently exploring the borderlines between rural folk art, B-movie aesthetics and the Flemish masters." I can see that. The fine art feel fits the Flemish style and his content is often totally B movie. A portion of this sale will go to The Alliance for Children's Rights. Get It Here

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