Breaking News: Jazz at Pearl's to close at the end of April (Again!)

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Looks like April isn't Jazz at Pearl's favorite month. On April 30, 2003, the North Beach nightspot closed its doors, only to reopen later that year under the ownership of local singer Kim Nalley and her husband, Steve Sheraton.

Now, news comes to us that date nights at the cozy venue will die their second death at the end of this month. Nalley's publicist wouldn't give ASD the exact closing day, but the Jazz at Pearl's website only has shows lined up till the 27th.

Read the letter from Nalley behind the jump. --Janine Kahn/ASD Staff


It has become clear that despite my best efforts I will be unable to gain sole ownership of Pearl's and the lease. Jazz at Pearl's will close at the end of April.

While it is in human nature to blame someone or something for this tragedy, I would prefer to direct everyone's attention instead to the wonderful run that we have had, the staff of Jazz at Pearl's whose hard work and loyalty helped keep the club doors open, the great musicians and patrons that have stepped through the door and everyone that helped make this venue wonderful.

I am sure there will be many people that wish to help but trust me I would not be making this announcement if I thought there was any glimmer of hope. And although I have had many people that want me to open another place from scratch, I think that it is time to direct my focus back to my singing career once Pearl's closes and hopefully I will be seeing you in all the old familiar places.

Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,
Kim Nalley

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