TV's 'Apprentice' Uses Product Placement to Combat TiVo's Fast-Forward Button

Categories: Television

The advent of TiVo and DVRs made it possible to skip through all those pesky commercials so you can watch your favorite programs in peace. Those programs could get very annoying and obnoxious very soon, as execs for CBS show The Apprentice are being championed for introducing integrated ads to their program. Last I checked, this practice was called product placement, and it always pissed me off when I watched movies or TV and some character took time to enjoy a Pepsi for no good reason. Although it makes sense to have corporate entities involved on The Apprentice since it's about douchebags trying to make ridiculous amounts of money, this trend could very likely turn every TV program into epic commercials. How will your precious TiVo help you then? -- Oscar Pascual

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