SXSW: The Big Finale

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Just left my final Austin bash for this year's SXSW -- Dark Meat once again (this time at the Vice afterparty) but man what a finale. The band of 18 or so Southern Rockin’ hippies looked like they’d taken twice their dose of acid this time, the girlfriend of one of the horn section dudes running around the crowd swiping orange paint on people’s faces. Once again, the air was full of streamers, confetti, glowsticks, beer, members of the band flying off the stage, and general exhausted revelry. Diplo especially seemed to dig the scene—the DJ was right up front (with the crowd, not in the band), launching beach balls and climbing the light rigs. Hilarious, ridiculous, colorful, fun, and man what a way to end a week of music insanity.

Before my brain shuts off for the night, other hightlights from this evening: Clockcleaner, the Philly trio who released one of my favorite albums of last year, performed their menacing, tar-black punk at the Scoot Inn, a cool little bar off the beaten path. The frontman wanted to get drunk, though, or so he told the crowd, so the set wasn’t as long and harrowing as I would’ve liked. (For all the antics you hear about with those guys, they were pretty well behaved). And the Birdman showcase brought the blues, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll with great sets by Lou Lou & the Guitarfish, Greg Ashley, Modey Lemon, and Powell St. John – from the 13th Floor Elevators, who played a pretty fantastic set of folksy blues, including a “true story” about a man who swallowed gasoline. And I'm officially crashed out. Until next time. – Jennifer Maerz

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