Oakland noise-rockers Replicator call it quits

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(photo of Replicator courtesy of the band's website)

After nearly a decade together, Oakland's Replicator has decided to quit the game while they're on top--and more importantly, while its members are still speaking to one another. The band is making an amicable split, and promises that its members will still be pursuing "creative visions." Check out the full press release, and details on their final show, below. -- Jennifer Maerz

“Replicator is playing? Oh whatever, i’ll just see them next time…”

Well, actually… not so much.
After 8 years, 3 albums, 2 eps, 4 vans, almost 200 shows, a handful of compilation appearances, and sleeping on countless floors
Replicator is calling it quits.

yup. It’s true.

All of the members of Replicator will still be making music and pursuing creative visions, and in time we will be making that information available, for now… but these things will not be as Replicator

We have achieved more with this band then any of us ever dreamed was possible. It has taken us further then we ever imagined, and the opportunity to give something back to the music world that has given us so much has been an honor and a privilege. It has been an amazing time, and has led to some incredible experiences that will remember forever, and friendships that will hopefully last just as long.

Although we are by no means “out of ideas”, the fact of the matter is that there is a life outside of rock, and something like this, as anybody who has ever poured their heart and soul into it knows, requires a lot of sacrifice for other creative pursuits and interests. It’s sad, but it’s time for Replicator to be done. Could those that wish to continue on use the name and keep at it? Absolutely. However, this band is a family, and that’s one of the things that has made us different. We have the utmost respect for bands that have pulled this off and still been creatively vital and changed things up in a new and exciting way.

It’s not the path we are choosing to take.
We ARE, however, choosing to go out with a bang, not a whimper. After all, we get to plan our own funeral!

In fact, as a special gift to all those that give a damn, Replicator is recording a final that will be a very limited release through Radio is Down, and available at the final show.

Here's what's left.

Friday, March 28th - Ghost Town Galleries w/Suzanne Silver (Sicily), Wisdom Teeth
Saturday April 5th - Hemlock Tavern, final show, two sets, w/Special Guests Kowloon Walled City

That April 5th date is the big end things off.
We aren’t going on “hiatus”, we aren’t taking a break, and we aren’t going to try to replace anybody,

Replicator is doing something many other bands should, and breaking up.

Imploding upon itself if you will.

Consider the self destruct activated.

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