Dr. Pepper Promises Soda Pop For All...If Guns 'N Roses Get Their Shit Together

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Oh, sweet Pepper of mine. GNR's phantom Chinese Democracy album has been floating in limbo for years, and Dr. Pepper is tired of waiting, dammit! So much so that the tasty beverage is promising a free can of Dr. Pepper for every single person in America (sans ex-guitar thrashers Slash and Buckethead). That is, if Axl and the boys can manage to schedule an official release date some time in 2008. Apparently, Axl fancies the idea, and says he would gladly share his delicious soft drink with ineligible Buckethead if the album materializes by the end of the year. Now if only DP can pull the same promotional stunt for Dr. Dre's Detox. -- ASD Staff Report

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