Day 3: Dizzee, sick, and talking shit on Vampire Weekend

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Today's entry's a short one...I'm still sick damnit, only today I couldn't pretend to be feeling better. Sleeping won out over checking out all the bands I want to see (although I've got to see Monotonix before I go...not only does one of the dudes look like Borat, they also have by far the wildest word of mouth rep of any act playing Austin). A couple hightlights for Friday nonetheless: Wandering into the Convention Center mid-afternoon and catching a sweet set from Dizzee Rascal and Footsie. Killer accent, bass to rattle you down to the marrow, and raps about the "G.H.E.T.T.O" for a buncha white folks with badges and baseball caps. Hey, it all worked. Can't wait for Dizzee to tour the states again.

No Age had the best sarcasm of the night. Headlining the Sub Pop showcase, they announced a couple songs in, "We're Vampire Weekend. This is our new song. Want to hear it? It's called 'College Dickface." Ha! No Age followed Fleet Foxes, another band showing the Softer Side of Sub Pop -- a bunch of woodsy looking kids making cozy, harmony-rich pop. (Grand Archives fans take note). -- Jennifer Maerz

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