Spring Trend to Watch: Color!

zac.jpgTime to dispose of the neons, three colors were in almost every collection at New York Fashion Week 2008. The shades for spring? Nudes, yellows and gray. Never fear, these tones look far better than they sound. Zac Posen and many other designers embraced neutrals. However, these styles are far from chinos and dockers. Beige, tan and khaki were shown on shoes, jumpers and even formal gowns. It's part safari, part substitute teacher and totally awesome.
Yellows eased their way back into the hearts of the shopping public. At fashion week Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs presented new takes on the color. All different hues were presented, but the best? Mustard. Colonel Mustard had it right all along (in the kitchen with the knife). Other yellows tend to wash people out, but mustard almost always looks great. American Apparel, H&M and Forever 21 are doing their part to bring mustard to the people. serve.jpeg
Gray exists as a staple color in most wardrobes. It's classy and sophisticated, but a pleasant break from black and white. Recently, gray transitioned from a staple to an essential color. Last year we saw a surge in gray jeans, now gray dresses overwhelm the runways. Designers like Erin Fetherston dressed up the basic shade into hip evening clothes. This presents an excellent opportunity: finally, an excuse not to wear black. Take a look at the many shades of gray! There's heather and asphalt and ash, oh my!
Get excited! You can finally throw out your hideous gold leggings and neon pink thermals. Instead of taking us back to the 80's and 90's, designers brought us to the 70's when the colors were hot and the waist bands were high. Hallelujah! The fashion gods have answered my prayers. -Melissa Baron

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