Gradient: Sexy or Tie Dye Gone Wrong?

14107080_04_b.jpegYesterday I walked past Marc by Marc Jacobs on Fillmore hoping to sneak a peak at the fantastic new Spring styles. Instead I almost vomited at the sight of the new totes. Marc, why must you fall into the terrible disaster also known as gradient? In recent times we've seen gradient on everything from sweaters to tights, but one fact remains: it sucks. Gradient looks like a tie-dye mishap at a Girl Scout party. The sort that at age seven would make you sob until you got a new t-shirt and could try and dye it again properly. Now people choose to wear it?

It makes sense that people in San Francisco would love it. I mean, what an excellent way to embrace the hippie roots but class it up a bit. But people across the world seem to love it too! Even Christian Lacroix seems to think gradient tights are the best thing to rock with one of his couture gowns. Can you explain that to me? Tie-dye and couture going hand in hand? People obviously have gone blind. Gradient looks like you started to dip your clothes in a big vat of dye, then chickened out and pulled the garment out but you were just a little too late. Sexy? I think not. American Apparel probably has a whole collection of gradient body suits in the works. I'm holding out for one of those. - Melissa Baron

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