TOTC Fucks with Your Downloaded Album Leaks

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Ever wonder why your leaked copy of 50 Cent's Curtis has that ill Lawrence Welk accordion sample that your friend's copy doesn't? Maybe you're delusional, or maybe the The Overdub Tampering Committee got a hold of your leak before you did. But odds are you're delusional. The 411 from TorrentFreak:

A group of musicians calling themselves β€˜The Overdub Tampering Committee’ (TOTC) have just made a rather unusual announcement. For the last 3 years TOTC have been downloading newly-leaked albums from the internet and using them to create new versions of the tracks. They added their own instruments, and used additional production techniques in the style of the original recording, to create a subtle remix of the original.

Within hours, they then re-released the slightly modified albums back onto file-sharing networks and BitTorrent sites such as OiNK and The Pirate Bay. β€œIf you illegally download music on the internet the chances that our work is in your collection is very, very likely! In fact, you might have a whole lot of us!”

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