The Lowbrow Art Sale -- Ian Francis, Tara McPherson, Dave Kinsey

Ian Francis "Alice Joins The Army In Wonderland"
Ever since I saw the work of UK based painter at the BLK/MRKT gallery, I have been patiently waiting for some new prints. The last ones sold out very fast. There's a few new ones, but this is my favorite by Ian and I think it is a great example of his very infectious style. His mixed media/collage style was first developed on the computer, and then he switched over and replaced pixels for acrylics, charcoal, inks and photo transfers. His paintings are a perfect blend of figurative work and an abstract explosion of color, texture and shape. This print is signed, stamped and numbered in an edition of 50.
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Tara McPherson "Neurosis & Mastadon"
Another one from the amazing Tara McPherson, I just couldn't pass this one up. It's the show poster for the Neurosis & Mastadon show that just happened at The Brooklyn Masonic Temple in New York. I have no clue how good the show was, but the poster is amazing. You can get two versions, the darker black/gold or silver/white. It's an 8-color screenprint and is printed with metallic and glow in the dark inks. All of her concert posters look amazing, but the metal inspired ones tend to be my favorites.
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Dave Kinsey "Year of The Woman, Blue"
Dave Kinsey has also released two new screenprints. There are two version, gold and blue both are two color screeprints on cotton rag paper. The gold print is limited to 100, the blue is limited to 175. I think Dave's painting style translates really well into work like this. Even though there is only two colors really, this piece is just as textural and dynamic as his paintings are.
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Marguerite Sauvage "Mother(S) Nature"
An illustrator out of France, Marguerite has done work for Elle, Cosmopolitan, Apple and many others. She has a very elegant style that fits the high fashion types of publications she has done work for, as well as art for the Grafuck 3 show at the Nucleus Gallery just a bit ago. She had two pieces for the show, but the idea of mother nature looking like this is a great idea. They should use art like this to push "green" thinking, images of yuppies running through fields doesn't seem to work.
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Jason Goad "Jucifer"
I'm on a roll with the screenprints. Instead of having the choice of different colors for this one, you actually get the original art along with the print. Or maybe it's really the other way around, it doesn't matter really. The painting is done in acrylics and is a different color altogether than the print. I really dig Jason's style of painting, bug chunky paint strokes and a dreamy kind of feel to it all. Only 1 set available.
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