The Lowbrow Art Sale -- James Jean, Eric Feng, Lithium Picnic

James Jean "Forest"
James is one of those artists I have featured in these articles quite a few times. He just keeps on releasing killer prints. Often he releases open-edition prints on his website, but when he does make limited ones such as the one shown, it's a big deal and they sell out very fast. I like that this one has a three-panel kind of setup, very reminiscent of some Renaissance paintings. This one is an 8-color print on velvet fine-art paper and it's limited to only 50.
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Eric Feng "Rode.Entering"
Often referred to as Feric, Eric Feng is an animator and illustrator with a truly unique style. His work reminds of me of Eastern watercolors with a futuristic spin. Each character looks as if it were constructed with with some sort translucent plastic, way better than those "I,Robot" designs. I would love to see a full-fledged animated movie with the style that Eric has. This print is signed, numbered, and embossed in an edition of 80.
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Lithium Picnic "Apnea"
With the growing costs of the lawsuit between Philip Warner and Suicide Girls, Philip has decided to release a poster-sized print for each month the trial goes on. Each print will be limited to 100 and are a huge 20" x 30". So you can pick this one up, or just watch the area for the coming months and see what he releases next. This is a great way to get some large prints, and help someone out.
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Dean McDowell "Constantly Within"
An artist out of Northern Ireland, Dean worked in the graphics field before he decided it was time to move over into the field of fine art. I'm glad he did; his work has been very inspiring to me especially since he uses acrylics to achieve these moody paintings. If you look closely, you can see the lines and streaks in the paint just seem to perfectly follow the contours of the face. The colors he uses as well are great; greens, reds, and blues in the face really give the works so much depth.
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Jason Limón "Alkaline"
For years San Antonio-born Jason Limón worked on graphics and made some award-winning logos. He has now turned his attention to fine art, and is really making some great stuff. I love how textural and aged his work looks. It kind of reminds me a bit of Gary Taxali and maybe even Shaunna Peterson. This is one of Blueflip's limited edition prints, there will only be 50 .
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