The Lowbrow Art Sale: David Choe, Brian Ewing, Tara Mcpherson

(editor's note: We fucked up. The Lowbrow Art Sale usually runs every Tuesday on this blog. But we got all discombobulated for various reasons so this week it runs today. For this who are unsatisfied with our shoddy service, we offer a full refund for what you paid. Take it!)

David Choe
It's been a few months since I have featured a print by David Choe. When he does release new prints they tend to sell out before I can get to them. Outer Edge Studios has just released one. It's a giclee on arches paper, 20"x20" and limited to 250. Love those tube socks, I think I still have a pair like that. US orders get a $22 refund for buying this one. See you get a great print and some money for buying it.
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Brian Ewing "Burnt Out (Orange Colorway)
San Francisco based artist and illustrator, Brian Ewing has made Rock Posters for all sorts of bands such as: Metallica, Helmet, DINOSAUR JR and the Vans Warp Tour. He has a really vibrant colorful style. He made this print for the San Diego Comic Con and they all sold out there, but you can still grab some off his website. There is also a red version but I think the orange one looks a little better. Kind of like it glows. The orange print is limited to 100, red is limited to 200.
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Tara Mcpherson "Mastadon"
Out of all the Rock Poster artists, Tara Mcpherson has to be my favorite. She has a style that is instantly recognizable and always full of great details and patterns. I have often bought prints of her work that was for bands I didn't even like. The figure in this piece looks perfect for the bands that are attached to it, I love that facial expression. There is also red version of this print but it's very rare. From what her site says there are only a few of these left as well.
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Camilla d'Errico "Fur Carnival"
A comic artist and painter out of Canada, Camilla has been showing in a lot of group shows and most recently is a part of the “SOUR HEARTS & SWEET TARTS" show at the Thinkspace Gallery along with Sarah Joncas. This print was just released and is a great print showing her colorful and brushy style. This print is of an edition of 30 and is limited to 1 per customer.
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Travis Millard "DogFight"
An artist out of the Los Angeles area Travis has released a whole host of zines, my favorite so far being "Right Wing Conservatives Getting Racked". He has also worked with such artists as Michael Sieben & Mel Kadel. I've been getting more into zines lately and Travis Millard is really at the top of my list, he has a killer imagination and the artwork is always good for your noggin. He currently has artwork in the "Beautiful Moment" group show at the Shooting Gallery. This print is a 3 color silkscreen and is limited to 100. This is basically what I envision every time I hear blood curdling dog screams outside my house.
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