RIAA attempts to shake $3000 from UCSC student

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Yesterday's Chron reported that the RIAA is continuing down its college student hit list, this time targeting a UCSC legal studies student charged with sharing 599 songs. Good news is she plans on fighting the charges. Bad news is the RIAA seems to have deep pockets and a deeper thirst for student bank accounts (and those of their parents). From the Chron:

"It's horrible," said Miles, who insists she did nothing wrong and can't afford to settle. "I just don't think that these people realize that they're ruining people's lives."
The letter was especially astonishing because Miles, who doesn't count herself as much of a music fan, said she never used Limewire, the file-sharing service that the Recording Industry Association of America cited in the letter. But she acknowledged that others might have used her computer in her absence because she wasn't careful about protecting her password.

"I was living in an apartment on campus with five others," Miles said. "I would bring friends over, they would bring friends over - I never locked my door."

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