Kids in the Hall, Liars, and Steve Martin -- Your Monday Morning Hangover

It's Monday, January 28, as we bid adieu to all the gutbusting laughs incurred from SFSketchfest. The Kids in the Hall tribute was a proper way to send it off, but more on that later. The laughs don't have to end, as the Jerk himself Steve Martin's in town this week. This is your Monday Morning Hangover. Our fearless leader and Web Editor David Downs is M.I.A. like a Sri Lankan revolutionary emcee, so this is his evil minion Oscar Pascual, filling in as manservant Hecubus for today.

That serves as a good segue for today's video. Kids in the Hall performed many a classic sketch this weekend, but didn't bust out an appearance from Sir Simon Milligan and Hecubus. Find out what it really means to be EVIL:

Genius, I say. So what went down last weekend? Like, freakin' a lot, buddy. We've got words and pictures from all the neat functions:

-A concert review of Liars/No Age

-Pictures from Suite Jesus Loves the Ladies at Minna Gallery

-A show review of Kids in the Hall tribute

Plus all the regular content you've come to know and love:

-Laser-Guided Awesome gathering life hacks for cheaper, easier, and more fun to use San Francisco.

And Every Monday:

SF Government InAction tells you what will happen this week at City Hall

Every Tuesday:

The Lowbrow Art Sale curated by Josh from Creep Machine will help you max out that credit card on something other than PS3 games

And San Francisco blogs, so we cover it in a weekly feature called BetterKnowAnSFBlog.

Every Wednesday:

Hot Comments on SF Weekly get some attention, and the SF Music Stream.


We dissect the Most Popular on

And this Friday:

We do the Friday Morning Pre-Party.

Then we've got lots more cool stuff to take care of such as:

New album releases from British dance rockers Hot Chip and dreamy surf dude Jack Johnson, concerts from Autolux and Nada Surf, and of course, legendary Steve Martin.

(Your Monday Morning Hangover hits at 9-ish every Monday morning with a weekend review, plus a weekly news and culture outlook, with or without d2.)

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