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Ever wanted a cool little action figure that's somehow related to Fantomas? Mike Patton's Ipecac label is making that a reality with new band-inspired PVC toys. Read on for more info:

We are all about fun and games here at Ipecac. In that tradition, it is with great pride that we announce the 2008 line of collectible Ipecac toys!

Starting in January of 2008, each month will release a limited edition (500 of each) figure inspired by one of our many inspirational artists! These will be available in cool toy stores and comic book stores and we will have a handful for sale on our website at some point as well. Some of the bands will be hawking these on the road, but they are sure to go fast.

Click more to learn how to buy the lil' bastards...

The story is that we are fans of this very cool toy company based in Portland called UNKL. Wellllllllll it turns out they are fans of Ipecac and had the idea. We are pleased to no end with the outcome. Hopefully you can add some Ipecac to your desk next year.

You can order them directly from UNKL and be part of the subscription series by going to:


or you can find them at amongst other places:

* Fugitive Toys (online store: www.fugitivetoys.com)

* Synthetic Compound (comics/toys/weird store in Phoenix, Ariz.: www.myspace.com/syntheticcompound)

* Monkey See, Monkey Do! (comics/toys/other delights in Austin, Texas: www.monkeyseeonline.com)

* LUNA Music (record/toy stores in Indianapolis, Ind.: www.lunamusic.com)

* My Plastic Heart (toy MECCA in New York City: www.myplasticheart.com)

Of course, we strongly encourage you to support your local comic book and toy stores!!!!

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