Apple, Cisco, Google, SF Weekly To Attend SanFran MusicTech Summit Feb 25

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We maintain that two of the best things about SF involve the music we get, and all the tech we love. Hence, anyone who's in the know should drop by, The SanFran MusicTech Summit at the Hotel Kabuki, February 25th. All the cool kids will be there like reps from Apple, Google, Pandora, SF Weekly (heh-heh), Rolling Stone and the EFF. We'll be chopping it up all serious-like regarding: P2P tech, copyrights, streaming, iPods, and uh ... other cool conference-style stuff. Deadline for cheap, early-bird registration is today, Friday at Do it. Or you'll make Jesus cry. More info after the jump. -ASD Staff Report

Hello Facebook Friends,

Wanted to drop a note to mention that the Early Bird Discount for the SanFran MusicTech Summit ends this Friday, and we very much hope that if you have not done so already that you'll take this opportunity to sign up, and that we'll see you here in San Francisco at the newly renovated Hotel Kabuki on February 25th.

In addition to stellar panelists from companies such as Yahoo, YouTube, MusicIP, Pandora, Jambase, Rhapsody, SomaFM, Gracenote, and other organizations originally announced, we've added speakers from stellar organizations such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, iLike, Rhapsody, MP3Tunes, Eventful, MusicBrainz, Harvard, matchmine, and many more. And folks will be attending from organizations such as Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Project Opus, SeeqPod, NPR, the American Federation of Musicians, VentureBeat, Revision3, Rolling Stone Online, Scripting News, Recombinant, Inc., DiscMakers, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency, NARAS, Kadoink, GETV, iMeem, The San Francisco Weekly, The Village Voice, The Future of Music Coalition, The EFF, and many more, including hopefully your organization as well.

For more information, specific panelist names, and to register, please visit

We are aiming to make The SanFran MusicTech Summit the best music/technology conference which the San Francisco Bay Area has ever seen, and to bring together the leaders in the music technology field to meet, have fun, and build business relationships.

Looking very much forward to hopefully seeing you there, and please spread the word, and invite your friends and colleagues whom this should be of interest to.

All the best, and thanks!

Brian Zisk

P.S. We love the press as they amplify what interesting folks are doing. So if you are a press person who would like to be treated as the honored guest which you will be, please email and we will hook you up. And for our non-press honored guests, please tip off your reporter friends who cover this space that this is an event to be at, as there will be all sorts of interesting people and topics to cover. And it'll be a whole lot of fun as well. :-)

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