Last Night: NudeAid Brings Porn-Art to Mighty

(Nine Hartley, file. Live picture would've gone here, but Nude Aid is a bunch of prudes)
By Nathan Nugent

She’s been sucking dick since 77. Not that this entitles her to any special privileges, almost every women pushing 50 has been sucking dick for thirty years, but the thing about Nina Hartley is that she’s been sucking dick for money. And to be proud of that, flaunting that big ass, the star of countless anal penetration productions, looking amazing in black lingerie and a school teacher’s glasses, boastfully proclaiming herself to be a Queen of fucking was quite impressive. Then removing her top to reveal leopard print tittie tassles which she began to twirl like a pro even though it was her first time doing so, and amazing still that there is still a first time for anything with this sexual icon.

Nina stole the show at the Second Annual Nude Aid inside of Mighty, an art-making event where nude and partially nude models, performers and exhibitionists inspired more than 15 artists to create a variety of pieces for the guests to take away before the end of the night. Because the event focused on turning people into art, alcohol could still be served despite some full frontal nudity.

It was a bit strange first walking into the room, dimly lit and quiet with dark and brooding downtempo music playing, models strewn about the floor staring off into nothingness all the while being carefully watched, and then, hey there is a dick and oh that dick has titties. But as the evening progressed the crowd grew to over one hundred, classy cocktail jazz and burlesque performances took over and it became a rather comfortable setting for all fellow perverts and lovers of eroticism.

“Don’t call it porn it’s erotic art,” sang dirty little show tunes performer Tom Orr to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft,” slowly disrobing until the final line when he turns around to shake his dick in front of every one’s face. Indeed there was a lot more dick than pussy to see at the event but the most impressive display was done by Mike West who was tying girls up into outrageous positions with a long rope and series of carefully calculated knots so they can be suspended or fastened against one of the 15 foot redwood pillars supporting the building. That did it for me.

Critics Notebook:
Personal Bias:
I’m a big fan of nudity.
Random Detail: I noticed one of the nude models was the same girl from the dollar peep show at the Lusty Lady.
Better Than: Soft Core Porn

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