Call of Duty 4 Marathon Commencing in Eight Hours — Double XP, Baby!

We're supergay for Call of Duty 4 on PS3, on account of its realism, intensity, and all the towelheads running around yelling "derka-derka-derka!" as we pump them full of ammo. As such, you'll be able to find us on the Activision servers all this weekend kicking infidel, towel-head and Russian ass for Double XP. As if the game isn't addicting enough, ranking up and beating challenges will be half as hard this weekend, because Activision promises double the amount of experience points for playing online this weekend. Oh man, our girlfriends are going to be pissed at us. Cross swords with me online under the ps3 name "d2d"; cus that's how I kick it — dick-to-dick. —David Downs

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