Your Monday Morning Hangover: Fests and Feists, RIP Norman Mailer


Welcome to this week's Monday Morning Hangover. The mimosa headache still beats fresh behind our eyes, yet we bring it every Monday at 9 a.m.(ish).

I'm your web editor, David Downs.

Let's start with the funny. Two words: Anime Dorks (see above). It's one thing to like Samurai Shamploo, it's another to dress up like Mugen and head to Japantown. Peep the fresh flicks.

Now, ... what else happened this weekend? Norman Mailer died. Punch an asshole out for him, eh? And aside from the Japantown Anime Fest, San Francisco also saw a perfect storm of Fests. We had the Green Fest, the Japanese Film Festival, the Korean Film Festival, the International Animation Festival AND the aforementioned Japantown Anime Festival. Remember people, this land belongs to Asia -- we just rent here.

Nevermind the fests, we also caught Feist at Herbst Theater (links later), Ben Harper at the Paramount, Saviours and Witchcraft at Slims (links later), and Redd Krossresuscitates itself. Kind of a metal weekend, from what we can remember.

On the schedule this week:

Today SF Government intends to idle away your tax dollars on Veteran's Day nooners and Asthma Task Force.

Tuesday, BetterKnowAnSFBlog profiles another great SF net-stitution.

Wednesday we will digest our weekly print edition for ya.

Thursday we look at all the free stuff you can do over the weekend in a segement we call: Free Stuff To Do In SF This Weekend.

Friday involves the Pre-Party.

And, of course, we will be at more great shows like Of Montreal (tonight) the ColdWarKids at the Warfield (Saturday), Jay Reatard at 12 Galaxies (Friday), and the Miss Trannyshack Pageant 2 (Saturday).

See you next Monday with another hangover, SF. It was worth it.

MP3 from Six Organs of Admittance, take us out.

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