The Best Art Prints on the Web: Creep Machine's Josh Curates His Top 5 of the Week

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David Ho "The Wedding"
An accomplished illustrator that makes some of the most amazing digital works I have seen, David Ho has now created a whole new series of works, simply called the "Interpretation Series". David takes previous works that he enjoyed, and retells them in his style. All of the pieces are amazing, but this one caught me the quickest. It's based on master painter Jan Van Eyck's 1434 painting "The Arnolfini Marriage". You can see the original Here.
I love what David has done with this piece, you can clearly see how related it is to the original, but David's vision of the piece is very exciting. This print, like the others are only limited to 25.
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Amy Sol "Uyi in the Careful Feathers"
It's been a while since I have shown a piece from Amy Sol. Her prints never last that long, and from what it looks like this is one of the last few from her shop. This one seems to have a little bit more contrast than her previous prints, but still has that great muted style of her. It's signed and numbered, 12 color archival giclee, and also has an embossed watermark. You can also see that this print is slightly larger than the rest on her site, at 17" x 17".
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Joe Ledbetter "Toast #2"
Another featured print from Joe Ledbetter, this one is perhaps the coolest print that I have seen from Joe. It's 18" x 34" giclee print on wood, hand varnished. The best part is, the sides have hand painted red blood splatters. The image is great, certain doom for that bunny. It's a good thing that umbrella is there to stop the mayhem. This print is limited to 50 signed and numbered.
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Shaunna Peterson "The Monster"
A graduate of the Art Center in Pasadena, Shaunna Peterson has done work for Teva Shoes, Ark 21 Records, New York Press and many others. She has a great style inspired by "old advertising, antiques, lingerie, toys, and good ol' rock & roll." This is a new print in her shop. I love the colors and the worn look that she gives each of her pieces. It really does look like some old tin sign advertisement. This print is signed and numbered and limited to 200.
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Kozyndan Print Combo
Kozue and Dan Kitchens, otherwise known as Kozyndan, are a team of illustrators out of Santa Monica. They work together to come up with some crazy, and often surreal environments. You might have seen their work on a Weezer or Postal Service album cover. This is actually a combo of three prints. Each one being 16" x 21" and all signed. "Uprising", "Bunny Blossoms" and "The Bunnies Fall" are all pretty much sold out individually, so this way you get all three. If you click the image you can see all the bunnies hidden in each one. My favorite being the Hokusai "Great Wave" tribute.
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