That's An Expensive Egg Roll: SF Restaurant Owner Accused In $50K Fraud Scam

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It's the kind of story that makes you want to pay cash only at restaurants: ABC 7's intrepid rabble rouser Dan Noyes tracked down San Francisco restaurant owner Phau Lam, accused of racking up more than $50,000 in bogus credit card charges from about 100 victims who ate at his restaurants Home Menu, which could be this place, and Asia Taste, neither of which appear on Yelp. Anybody out there eaten at either of these places?

Gotta love Noyes' incredulous interview style:

Dan Noyes: "What's going on here? What happened?"

Phau Lam: "I don't know."

Dan Noyes: "Why did you bill her ATM card?"

Phau Lam: "I don't bill that."

Dan Noyes: "You didn't bill that? Well, who did?"

Phau Lam: "No, I don't know."

Dan Noyes: "Oh, come on."

Oh, come on indeed. Don't take no shit offa nobody, Noyes!

-- Brian Bernbaum

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