SF Punk/Metal Legacy Venue Mabuhay Gardens Dies a Second Death

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Once upon a time there was an SF venue named Mabuhay Gardens, where many a crappy and a few fine punk and metal bands played. Like all such venues, it closed and was forgotten to time. The bands and the fans grew up, got real jobs, and moved on.

Recently, some of those bands and fans have started feeling nostalgic in their old fart age. So they brought back the Mab this year.

They held a fundraiser for the Garden's affiliate Ness Aquino. Gavin Newsom made October 12 Mabuhay Gardens Day.

Sadly, the venue closed again this week, proving again that punks cant organize shit. Speaking of organization, some Mabuhay Garden-ites also tried to get an alley named after their hero Dirk Dirksen. But evidently some NIMBYs don't want that to happen, and now the punks have to organize for a town hall meeting or some shit tomorrow.

"It takes place at 10:00 am in City Hall, Room 263. If you cannot attend please pass the word along."

Repeat after me: there is nothing punk about interfacing with local government. This is the kind of shit that killed punk in the first place. Maybe Green Day can help you.

Let the comments begin, for I hate you all. -- David Downs

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