Daft Punk + movie about robots + live laser show = your Friday night highlight

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(Electroma trailer)

This year, Daft Punk debuted its version of Two Lane Blacktop-ennui with Electroma, an arty flick about two robots who trapse around a quiet town, experience a literal face melting, and take a spin through the desert. The film has little to do with the French duo’s music and everything to do with their insistence on hiding behind elaborate costumes – the same get-ups outfit the stars of this dialog-free, minimally-plotted film. It’s smart that the Clay is showing Electroma at midnight (on Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 1), as I’d recommend entering the theater with your brain baking in substances of your choosing.

To further enhance the psychedelic experience, the Clay is enlisting the skills of the costumed DJ Dupuy and a “bright green aerial light show” courtesy of the lighttech. Sounds so much cool than another round of Laser Zep at the planetarium. For more info, check out landmarkafterdark.com – Jennifer Maerz

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