Big Poultry And The USDA Passing Off Pumped-Up Chicken As Natural

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I admit that I've never heard the term "pumped-up chicken," before, but judging by the Truthful Labeling Coalition's website, well, it must be pretty bad. I guess. The problem is that the USDA has a rather loose definition of the word "natural," and so chickens are being injected with up to 15 percent saltwater or seaweed solution (according to the coalition) "as much sodium as if you'd eaten a bag of potato chips," and still labeled "natural" at the grocery store.

Honestly, to my way of thinking, this is actually a convenience. I happen to love potato chips, and this way at least I don't have to season the bird when I cook it, since it's already full of salt anyway. Hey, thanks big poultry manufacturers! But here's the rub: all that injected salt makes the chicken weigh more, so it costs more. So "pumped-up" chicken is a rip off. Fair enough. And it's not really natural. Hey, fuck you big poultry manufacturers! You think we're stupid or something?

-- Brian Bernbaum

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