Where to Get Your Ghetto Dranky Drank On

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You know what the hood is missing? Mix-it-yourself cocktail combinations that'll get you fucked up, mad, and put the hurt on your dome. Good thing for us, Sergio Ornelas at Beer and Rap has already taste-tested these SF concoctions and came back with this Beer and Rap Taste Test rating SF's finest like the "Walk It Out" and the "A Bay Bay".

Here's what they had to say about the "Walk It Out":

The lowest rated drink was the Walk It Out coming in at a miserable 2.625. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this one (kind of the downfall of having a taste test with tons of alcohol) but it was one can of Wild n' Out Energy Drink and two little bottles of 1800 Silver tequila. Seeing as how Wild N' Out is sponsored by MiLD 94.9 the Bay Area's rap station for people who don't like rap I had a good hunch that this shit was going to be garbage. As for comments on this one

Lydia: "ok this tastes like gas, I can't even drink this. I'm guessing this is what Nick Cannon smells like"

Sean C: "Walk Away"

Cas: "Carburetor Juice, Just walk away son..."

Nick: "Drunkest taste"

Max: "Damn are you serious? Damn."

Thuggy: "Pink Assgasoline" "Doo Doo"

Conceit: "Smells worse than it tastes, Carbonation saved it"

Traci P: "Did the killer clowns drink this?"

Here's is handy map of two locations where you can buy these tasty beverages, made by the SF Weekly. If you know of any more, let us know and we'll update our Drank Map.

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