The Reverse Chic Effect: Mexican Coke Added To Food Snob's Dictionary

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Memo to food snobs: it's now officially okay to tell people you drink Coca-Cola, provided that it's the oh-so-hip Mexican variety. Falling squarely under the "Reverse Chic" category, The Food Snob's Dictionary has added Mexican Coke to its lexicon, alongside fellow so-cheap-it's-cool victuals including sliders and bahn mi.

For the losers who don't already know, Mexican Coke is being fetishized by food snobs far and wide, not for some unique ingredient it contains, but rather for something it lacks: the super-sweet demon goop du jour, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Our friends south of the border are still using cane sugar to sweeten their Coke, making it somehow more "authentic" than the American stuff. Go figure. And although a lot of food snobs claim that Mexican Coke actually tastes better, I suspect the current fad has a little something to do with the old-fashioned glass bottles too.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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