SFoodie: Maple and Mustard-Glazed Wild Canadian Leopard Salmon

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W.T.F. is Leopard Salmon?

By Chef John from Food Wishes Video Recipes

maplesalmon250.jpgTo celebrate the opening of Hockey season, I'm going Canadian on your collective asses. I’m doing wild salmon fillet (caught near Alaska, off the Canadian coast) broiled with a glaze of Canadian maple syrup (they sure love their maple trees up there) and Dijon mustard (okay, that's French, but Montreal is the Paris of North America after all). This is another one of those "not really enough ingredients to be called a recipe" recipe. But, it is very tasty, very easy, and perfect for those winter nights when you...

only have a few minutes before the puck is about to drop, and you need to whip up something quick and delicious. Bye the way, this was produced for About.com, so I can only use their player to broadcast it on the blog.

If this seems similar to the Dijon and Rice Vinegar Salmon video recipe I did recently you are correct. But, this flavor profile really works, and if you eat salmon twice a week like I do, you need lots of variations! The strange and wondrous thing about this glaze is the unusual leopard spot pattern that appears as the glaze caramelizes. At first I was a little upset it didn’t brown evenly, but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. Besides, I need more spotted fish recipes in my repertoire. Enjoy, and Go Sharks! …the San Jose kind, not the kind that eat salmon.

CLICK HERE to watch the Video, as well as get this recipe's ingredients and amounts.

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