Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Come See Some Crazy Art, Y'all!

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The upcoming art premiere Saturday at the Shooting Gallery has everybody jumping for joy, including blogger extraordinaire, Josh Spear:

You know, a lot of galleries find it in their ad budget to brag about their amazing upcoming openings in Juxtapoz magazine. A bunch of talented artists are getting amazing exposure this way, and I think that’s super. However, I still have to say that flipping through that magazine without getting a teensy bit bummed is impossible, because there’s too many openings with too many artists happening at too many places for me to be at once. This month issue is represents a particular bummer for me, because there is no way I will be making it to San Francisco for the October opening of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. And, oh man, I want to be there, because the work of Kukula, Kris Lewis, and Travis Louie together is the kind of thing that would make me give up gummy bears (ahem, that’s huge).

Wanna peep all the pretty pictures? Visit the Shooting Gallery for more info.



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