Garage-Soiled Black Lips Stink Up GAMH Today

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From the SF Weekly this week:

The Black Lips call their sound "flower punk," but that's only because they don't trust rock critics to handle the describing. "It's got a lot to do with your line of work," says Bradley plainly. "Journalists would give us the most ridiculous titles, like 'blues country.' So we just decided to call ourselves something. It's like we're too hippie to be punk and too punk to be hippie, or something like that."

Truth be told, Good Bad Not Evil is all over the place, between the incandescent psych of "Veni Vidi Vici," the murder-ballad stomp of "Lock and Key," the Velvet Underground–damaged garage of "Step Right Up," the bristling jangle of "Cold Hands," and the freaky rave-up that is "Slime and Oxygen." Some songs make Alexander out to be a dead ringer for Lou Reed, while on others he resembles Eric Burdon howling a typically dark Animals tune.

Here is some of that sound from the Black Lips myspace.

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