Critter Goo: Trick Or Treating Will Never Be The Same

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When it comes to Halloween candy, the days of wowing kids with candy corn and Sugar Daddy are long gone. And with crazy gimmicks like Critter Goo around, good riddance. The highly-detailed quartet of plastic bug treats filled with sweet, sweet goopy guts are the perfect the synthesis of disgusting and saccharine, taking the Halloween treat equation to an entirely new level.

Just pop the critters' head off and squeeze out the innards, which according to the Onion AV Club "looks like hair conditioner and tastes like Kool-Aid made with 20 times the recommended amount of powder mix." Sadly, the AV Club doesn't say where to find these creepy confections, and there's no sign of them anywhere else in the Googleable universe. Maybe they just want to keep all the Critter Goo for themselves? Any tips out there on where to find it?

-- Brian Bernbaum

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