Zagat Survey 2008: Bay Area Restaurants, Now With Shittier Service!

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Huge restaurant news. The 2008 Zagat survey results are out, and guess what? Nothing has changed. The top seven restaurants in the Bay Area remain on top, in the exact same order as last year: Gary Danko, Boulevard, Slanted Door, French Laundry, Michael Mina, Aqua and Delfina.

The real story is the shitty service. According to Zagat results, which come from survey responders, Bay Area restaurant service scores a unbelievably low 18 out of 30. Get it together, waiters -- you're making all the hardworking cooks look bad.

Michael Bauer broaches the topic in a recent blog post about the annoying habit of waiters taking plates away before everyone is done eating. He blames it on a lack of training for front-of-the-house staff, but c'mon, we've waited tables, we know the score: waiters are just rushing to get off work so they can go home, hit that bong and count all that sweet, sweet tax-free cash.

Our Lady of Zagat pic by Benzadrine on Flickr

-- Brian Bernbaum

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