When Food And Crime Collide: Botched Maze Cafe Protection Plot

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We just love hearing stories about when food and crime collide. (Illegal paint jobs at Farina anyone?) Today comes word of a botched "protection" plot carried out by a few young ne'er-do-wells at Maze Cafe in the Inner Richmond.

The cafeteria style Chinese karaoke bar suffered more than $5000 in damages -- broken front window, smashed big-screen TVs -- when the owner didn't take kindly to the offer of cash for protection (against what, we wonder?) from three young men described as regular customers.

Judging by the single, none-too-positive Yelp review of Maze, we're guessing the food isn't spectacular. Maybe people just go for the "very smoky, very loud" ambience. And although we've had our fair share of disappointing Chinese food, violence is never the answer.

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