It's Official: Led Zeppelin Show is on!

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Last week Led Zeppelin fans got tossed around in a giant tease-a-thon as music sites repeatedly hinted at a Led Zep reunion show. Well today the official types made their official announcement: Led Zeppelin will indeed reform (meaning “Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will be joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham”) for a single show on Monday, November 26th at 02 Arena in London. (If someone would like to fly me there, by the way, my bags are already packed.) The theme for the concert is a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records.

But wait, there’s more – along with Plant and Page, ticket holders will also get performances Pete Townshend! Bill Wyman!...and, um, Foreigner? And Paolo Nutini? Yeah, whatever.

Tickets are £125 and fans can only buy tickets through a ballot available through (the link wasn't working when I last tried it).

For all you Nutini fans unclear about who exactly this “Led Zeppelin” is, here’s a bit about the rock gods from the press release: “Led Zeppelin are simply the ultimate rock band. They produced some of the greatest albums in recording history and are constantly considered amongst the greatest popular musicians of all time, both collectively and individually.” Yup. That just about says it. -- Jennifer Maerz

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