Buy Halo 3 in SF: Midnight Sale FAQ


Halo 3 is setting the streets on fire, son! What's more impressive is that it's not even on the streets yet. Xbox 360's killer app has already sold over a million copies, despite the fact that it won't be released in stores until September 25. This madly anticipated shooter will come in three editions: a limited edition that includes a nifty art book and special features disk, an ultimate "Legendary" edition that includes all that and a ton more fruity shit, and a standard edition with just the plain ole' game.

What's that, you say? You haven't reserved it yet? Shame on you for not getting in on all the hysteria already, but fear not-- ASD's here to help! Although Halo 3 sold a mil faster than Kanye or 50 ever could, there's still a chance to secure your copy the day it comes out. Here's a list of some major video game retailers still offering reservations, and maybe a midnight sale for all the nerds who can't wait until morning. And believe me, I am one of those nerds. Mind you that this info could be outdated insanely soon. Here goes:

EB Games, 151 Powell St.: All three editions are currently available for reservations, and they will be holding a midnight release. Someone working there said they have around 500 reservations and ...

are expecting to sell out the first day.

EB Games, 333 Jefferson St.: is also holding a midnight sale, although they aren't taking any more reservations for the Legendary Edition.

EB Games, 2673 Mission St.: All editions are currently available for reservations. Plans for a midnight sale are not yet finalized, although they expect to sell out all copies the first day regardless.

EB Games, Stonestown Mall: Reservations are still available for all editions except Legendary, and they are also confirmed for a midnight release. A person from there stated that they do not yet know the initial allocation of Halo 3 units given to each store. They're expecting a midnight crowd of around two to three hundred fanboys and girls. But mainly boys, though.

Gamestop, 1501 Sloat Blvd.: Still taking reservations except for Legendary Edition. They will not be holding a midnight opening, as they are located in a residential area.

Best Buy, 1717 Harrison St.: No longer accepting pre-orders and not sure about a midnight sale yet.

Best Buy, 2675 Geary Blvd.: Still accepting a few reservations, but not sure about a midnight sale. Dude said to call back next week to make sure.
--By Oscar Pascual

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