Canning Tomatoes: Industrious Food Bloggers Save For The Winter

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Unlike us, many people have the foresight and skills to cook at home, and the most ambitious among them even grow their own produce. Not only that, but a select few of these overachievers even have time to blog about it. And now that the salad days of summer are drawing to a close, many food bloggers -- like the industrious ant in the Aesop Fable -- are busy storing food for the long, cold winter to come, while grasshoppers like us are content hopping about chirping and singing.

Canning all those beautiful summer tomatoes before they rot on the vine is the subject of the day, and judging by the sheer number of posts about it, there's plenty to know. So all you ants, get to it, because someday in the near future a tired, hungry grasshopper could hop onto your doorstep looking for a handout.

  • Something In Season Offers 10 Tips For First Time Canners

  • Ball Has A Nice Step By Step Flash Tutorial For Canning High Acid Foods

  • The Ethicurean Breaks It Down With A Lovely Slideshow

  • Becks & Posh Has Some Tips About How Not To Can Tomatoes

  • The USDA's National Center For Home Food Preservation Has A Complete Guide To Home Canning

  • It all dovetails nicely with the September Eat Local Challenge of preserving food for the winter.

    -- Brian Bernbaum

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