French Incest Extravaganza...and You're Invited

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French cinema just ain't French cinema without a little sauciness. Well, the sauce is just oozing out of control from Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr's One to Another. Don't believe me? Check out the plot keywords on IMDB-- rife with all kinds of fun stuff like Female Frontal Nudity, Menage a Trois, Brother Sister Relationship, Masturbation Scene, and Gay Interest.

Don't forget your napkins and tissues. More on One to Another after the jump.

Body of Evidence
--By Michael Fox

Lucie and Pierre have a special bond. They do everything together, and we mean everything. When Pierre goes missing, and then turns up dead, the hot-blooded Lucie is compelled to solve the case using the only, um, "interrogation technique" she knows. Did we mention that Lucie and Pierre are sister and brother? Or that Pierre is bisexual? The film One to Another, Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr's dreamy mix of ambiguous murder mystery and taboo-flaunting sleeparound, is a seductive tale of fatal indiscretions. As Lucie, ingénue Lizzie Brocheré bounds around in red Converse high-tops, peeling off her pullover and delivering lines like "Happy people are boring" with absolute conviction. "In times when revolution is impossible," Pascal Arnold says, "these kinds of adolescents are looking for ways to express their existential chaos." Ain't that the sad truth. With its mix of senior-year philosophy and laissez-faire sexuality, One to Another (the original title, Chacun sa Nuit, is better translated as To Each, Their Night) cements French cinema's lock on the genre.

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