Psychic TV, Wilco, Dave Brubeck Quartet -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Friday, August 24

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Psychic TV, 9 at the Independent. $23.
"Genesis P-Orridge stands out as one of the most provocative shit stirrers of the last four decades to grace this planet. Throbbing Gristle was the flashpoint: a burning wire prodding the throbbing nerves of society proper, questioning its tenets and pointing out its inconsistencies, reveling in its ugliness and beauty. When that imploded, Psychic TV was born, along with TG fellow conspirator Peter Christopherson, and a more dance-oriented shape appeared." -- TransformOnline

Wilco, 7:30 at the Greek Theatre. $39.
"Jeff Tweedy has had a lot on his shoulders lately: addiction, rehab, and the lofty expectations that come with each Wilco album. It's no surprise then that he and the band have gone back to basics on Sky Blue Sky, ditching the sonic tinsel of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and the minimalism of A Ghost Is Born for the haunting beauty of a slide guitar. His voice is the star, though. In ''Either Way'' and ''Impossible Germany,'' he sounds like a bicentennial-era Don Henley — raspy, rich, and right in the happy zone. This may be the best Eagles album the Eagles never made." -- Entertainment Weekly

Dave Brubeck Quartet, 8 at Fox Theatre. $35/40/45/65.
"Dave Brubeck was the white, collegiate face of jazz back in the late 1950s and early '60s. Fronted by Brubeck at the piano, his quartet featured a rhythm section of bassist Gene Wright and drummer Joe Morello and the sweet, melodic alto sax work of Paul Desmond, and Brubeck had the first jazz instrumental recording to sell a million copies plus landing himself on the cover of Time magazine. The music he played was hip, swinging, and decidedly un-square, yet his infusion of modern European harmonic sensibilities gave his group a sophistication that conjures images of dark, wood-paneled clubrooms swirling with cigarette smoke and packed with beautiful, blonde Euro-models and Madison Avenue playboys." -- PopMatters

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