Pigeon John, Marc Broussard, Bowling For Soup -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Thursday, August 16

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Pigeon John, 9 at the Independent. $25.
"Backpack rap gets caricatured as hip-hop for alt-rock fans, but this affable Los Angeles MC literalizes the connection, biting left-field grooves from R.E.M. and Pixies. Pigeon John specializes in the same laidback slice-of-life observations as his Cali counterparts Blackalicious and Lyrics Born, but he's funnier and more self-effacing. His best nice-guy pickup line, as revealed in "Money Back Guarantee": "You look kind of sad, can I offer a tissue?"" -- Spin

Marc Broussard, 9 at the Fillmore. $22.50
"Having already recorded a soulful take on Americana for his debut, 2002's Momentary Setback, and having dropped "Home," a blistering slice of gospelized swamp funk that's among the decade's most remarkable singles and which became something of a regional post-Katrina mini-anthem (and a staple cover song on Kelly Clarkson's Addicted tour), for Marc Broussard to record a straight-up R&B album isn't such a radical departure. S.O.S.: Save Our Soul finds the powerhouse singer in fine voice (Justin Timberlake only wishes he had such a full-bodied falsetto) on a collection of classic genre cuts like Stevie Wonder's "You Met Your Match" and Al Green's "Love And Happiness."" -- Slant

Bowling For Soup, 7:30 at Slim's. $15.
"Bowling for Soup's 2004 hit ''1985'' made them kings of their subgenre: laundry lists of popular culture references backed by chirpy pop-punk. Such songs make up the bulk of their ninth CD, The Great Burrito Extortion Case, which starts out fun but turns self-indulgent. (Do we really need 68 consecutive la-la-la choruses on the hidden cut?) Still, at least two tunes will lodge forever in your skull. One day, you'll recall them fondly, and BFS, trafficking in insta-nostalgia, will be there to write a catchy number about that feeling." -- Entertainment Weekly

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