MF DOOM Fucks SF?: WTF Went Down, Bay Area? Pt. 2

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Damn, MF Doom really screwed up from the sound of things. Here's another complaint out his show this past week, this one from Joshua in Roseville.

"Someone should write something up about the MF DOOM show last night at The Independent. I drove from Roseville (past Sacramento) to see the show and the guy waits over an hour after Pigeon John played to come out and play only 16 minutes and then walk off the stage and leave! The crowd was PISSED!! The anger in the room was amazing. It could have been a riot in there! The promoter came out and apologized up and down and said that he was just as mad as everyone else. Rumor is that he felt the crowd wasn't "into it" so he left! I guess you have to scream while throwing your arms in the air the whole set to boost this guys fuckin' ego. I love MF Doom's music but that shit he pulled last night was disgusting!! There should be a write up in the weekly about this shit!"

What happened? MF Doom meltdown?

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