Film School, Deep Purple, Magic Numbers -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Wednesday, August 15

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Film School, 9 at Bottom of the Hill. $10.
"We've been searching long and hard for the American Radiohead for years. People have recently proclaimed My Morning Jacket to be the closest fit. It's more likely that our Interpols and Sufjan Stevenses are the creative forces that will endure and mature during the next decade. But Film School sound like a band attempting to fit into that niche of literate rock music. They succeed pretty well, and they find their strength in softer songs. This is not a band on the cusp of something new and spectacular. It's a very good repackaging of what other new, spectacular bands have used to create their identities. Film School's highest achievement is the quality with which these ideas are repackaged." -- PopMatters

Deep Purple, 8 at the Warfield. $38.50/49.50
"Of the seventies hard-rock dinosaurs that still roam the earth, Deep Purple is one of the few with any credibility left in its crunch. The House of Blue Light – the second album by Purple's classic In Rock lineup since their return to active duty – is certainly a marked improvement over their lukewarm '84 comeback, Perfect Strangers, and, except for a couple of outright duds on side two, is as good as this band has ever been since its "Smoke on the Water" salad days." -- Rolling Stone

Magic Numbers, 8 at Great American Music Hall. $15.
"We are introduced to a neat, family-led gang of musicians who have produced an album driven by a longing for happiness and love rather than healthy crops. The Magic Numbers’ eponymous debut has the charming, countrified soul of ‘The Band’, kick-started by some killer pop melodies and top-class vocal ingenuity. And, immediately, this is where The ‘Numbers, for all their looking back, become less alien to 2005 than you might think. If current Brit Pack leaders Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party have been heading down the road of success in a slick, pimped up Hummer, Michelle, Sean, Angela, and Romeo (cartoon order) are poised neatly on their wing, sitting in the back of a dust cart with an acoustic in hand, listening to The Staple Singers seep from the radio." -- Drowned in Sound

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